The Miser by Molière, translated by Freyda Thomas

12/01/19 - 19/01/19

Time: 19.30

The Miser by Molière, translated by Freyda Thomas

A fast-moving French comedy - Take one rich but very crabby miser, mix in a son and daughter both desperate for cash to further their romantic attachments and already stormy waters can be seen ahead.  Add in some deceitful and conniving servants, plus a marriage broker and a money lender and the pressure increases still further.  Worse is to come - the miser and his son both intend to marry the same girl!  Ooh, la la!

Chester Little Theatre is promising delightful fun and laughter to liven up these dark January nights with their production of The Miserby the French comedy playwright, Molière, in a modern, easily recognisable version by Freyda Thomas.

 Molière’s satirical humour works like this:  take an elderly man with a human failing, be it enjoying ill health and having people run round after him, selling him all the latest cures (TheHypochondriac);  or, in order to seem deeply religious, allow him to be duped by a young priest (Tartuffe) who is actually making love to his wife behind his back, or – in the case of The Miser– indulging in a love of money to the extent that he is prepared to marry his son to a rich widow and his daughter to an elderly, wealthy man she hasn’t even met because he isn’t asking for a dowry.  Then exaggerate the human failing to ridiculous heights so that, when he gets his comeuppance (which always happens), everyone can join in the fun.


Molière’s plays have a touch of the pantomime about them which makes them so appropriate for this time of the year.   Co-directed by John Turner and Charlie Núñez, the Little Theatre’s production moves at a fast pace.  And as it’s set in Moliere’s 17thcentury France, we also have all the elegance of the costume of the period.  


As well as the marvellous caricature of the grasping Miser, played by John Turner, there is a wonderfully varied selection of characters which make up his household.  Among others there is the valet, the chef – or should we say, ze chef – the sharp money lender, the canny marriage broker, the original Inspector Clouseau - local police detective Sansclou - and finally Señor Anselme, who arrives just in time to sort everything out and prevent all those disastrous marriages taking place.  


How does he do it?  In order to find that out you’ll need to come along to Chester Little Theatre in Gloucester Street, Chester CH1 3HR from Saturday 12, Monday 14 to Saturday 19 January at 7.30 pm.  Tickets are £10 and £8 concession on first Saturday, Monday and Tuesday evenings. You can book online here or telephone TicketSource 0333 666 3366 (booking charges apply).  You may also buy tickets on the door.