Pixel Perfect by Andy Fox-Hutchings, directed by Charlie Nunez


A Liz Stafford Auditorium Production

How hard is it to live the perfect life?  Is reality too tough to handle?  

 Michael and Sophie have an idyllic life that they’ve shared for several years, with every fine detail of their lives perfected and exactly as they dreamed it when they were little. The only problem is that none of it is real:  it’s a life built inside an online video game, and one that is about to get the plug pulled on it forever!

 Having never actually met in real life but feeling a powerful connection forged in the digital world, they agree to switch to reality to discover whether their bond can survive.

 But Sophie is actually Lucy, and Lucy’s fear of not being able to live up to the idealised Sophie convinces her to bring in her friend Mandy to pretend to be her at the meet up.  Meanwhile, Michael is also nervous about meeting in real life and is taking precautions!   

 Over one whirlwind weekend, the characters gradually pull themselves and their online personas apart in the attempt to find out if they really could survive Reality.

Reading:  Tuesday 8 April at 7.30 pm

Auditions: Thursday 10 April at 7.30 pm

Performance dates:  Sat 28, Mon 30 June, Tue 1 to Sat 5 July at 730 pm