The Tempest

11/07/24The Tempest

Directed by Kell Cowley

 Ten years since Chester Little Theatre’s magical rendition of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, we are returning to the Bard and another of his most fantastical works – the wondrous tragicomedy The Tempest

 Exiled Duke and sorcerer Prospero conjures a storm to shipwreck the King of Naples and his traitorous brother, Antonio , on the enchanted island where he has long been marooned. Meanwhile, Prospero’s slave Caliban plots to overthrow his master and take back the island for himself. 

 Kell Cowley’s Spring production will be giving a contemporary edge to this classic tale that will offer casting opportunities to actors of all ages and genders. Expect a play filled with thrills, tears and laughter, betrayals and reconciliations, sweet music, and wild stormy weather.  


Reading: Tuesday 19 November at 7.30 pm

Auditions: Thursday 21 November at 7.30 pm

 Performance Dates:  Saturday 8, Monday 10 to 15 March, 2025