ARSENIC AND OLD LACE by Joseph Kesselring - a comedy. Director Charlie Núñez

02/07/22 - 09/07/22

Time: 19.30

ARSENIC AND OLD LACE by Joseph Kesselring - a comedy.  Director Charlie Núñez

This well-known, popular comedy has been making audiences laugh for years.  

Dates of performance:  Sat 2, Mon 4 to Sat 9 July 2022 at 7.30 pm


Mortimer is a successful theatre critic who has a quite special family: his aunties, Abby and Martha Brewster, the two kindest and loveliest old ladies you could ever meet;  Teddy, his brother, who believes he is Theodore Roosevelt and spends his days in the cellar digging locks for the Panama Canal;  and Jonathan, his evil brother, who left years ago.

Next door lives Rev. Dr. Harper with his daughter, Elaine, with whom Mortimer is in love.  He plans to take her to the theatre and then for a romantic dinner when he can propose to her, but the celebration has to be cancelled when Mortimer finds Mr. Hoskins in the window seat – not quite with us, if you see what I mean - and his aunties Martha and Abby have to tell Mortimer about their home-made elderberry wine, with the secret ingredient.  To add to the mix, Jonathan decides to return home that night, accompanied by Dr. Einstein and carrying some baggage they need to get rid of a.s.a.p!

The rest of the night and following morning is a confusion of lights blinking on and off, bodies being moved from the window seat to the cellar to the car outside, and accusations and threats back and forth.  Will Mortimer succeed at helping and protecting his aunts and keeping his fiancée out of it, all while trying to keep his own sanity as well?

A Liz Stafford Auditorium production