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09/01/24Audition News


'On Shingle Beach'
by Robert Meadows

When a boat, wrecked off the south coast of England, spills its migrant cargo onto the shore, one child is left stranded on the shingle beach, alone and frightened. Alone until sees a man, waiting and watching on the shoreline, making his own choices about her destiny in ways that will have consequences for himself, his family, and the place he calls home.

This new play explores a very contemporary concern: the way in which we respond to the debate about our borders, the changes to our culture and what this says about our humanity. It also a mystery; asking the audience to piece together the truth from a story that intends to intrigue and baffle.

Set in a single location, it is a multi-layered narrative that hopes to engage and entertain leaving an audience much to discuss and share.


Each of these roles have the same weight and significance.

David Parker - a retired secondary school English teacher in his seventies. He has lived on one place all his life. Widowed. Complex.

Steph - Parker’s stay-at-home daughter in her thirties, a local primary school teacher, also rooted in the area. Artistic. Diffident.

Cathy - Parker’s stepdaughter in her mid-forties. She is a woman of a mixed ethnic background: black father and white mother. Metropolitan. Grounded. The actor taking on the role of Cathy also plays Reid, a BBC journalist, as a letter reader and a witness.

Ms Way, a primary school head teacher, also in her mid-forties. The actor playing this role also takes on the part of the reporter’s voice, a letter writer, and a witness.

Reading: Tues January 30th, 2024, 7:30pm
Auditions: Thurs February 1st, 2024, 7:30pm

Production Dates: Thursday April 11th to Saturday April 13th 2024

Please note this is an unpaid amateur production.

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