News from Ashton Hayes Theatre Club

05/10/20News from  Ashton Hayes Theatre Club

We also have some good news from our friends at Ashton Hayes Theatre Club:        

"When the Birds Come by Talullah Brown is primarily about climate change but also the relationship between a brother and sister, living on the Alaskan Tundra.

Margaret and Stanley are part of a nomadic tribe who have been settled in a township on the edge of the Tundra, they need to be relocated by the government because of the rising water levels threatening to overwhelm their village.

Margaret is almost 14 and desperate to move to Anchorage and start enjoying the comforts of city life. Her brother Stanley aged only 8, is not so sure about leaving their village and their parents but his love for his sister is a strong bond to break. Margaret is determined, things are not happening quickly enough for her, so together they plan to run away to the city but not until spring comes, not until the birds come.

Staring Georgia Firth & Harry Johnson

If you would like to watch this play please register by emailing Let us know which date you would like to watch and we will send you the link on the morning of the showing along with a link to donate.

We are not sure if numbers will be limited so please get your names down asap"