A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, adapted by Andy Fox-Hutchings

07/09/23A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, adapted by Andy Fox-Hutchings

In this original adaptation of Dickens's timeless tale of redemption and festive good-will, we are invited to join the late Jacob Marley as he and his fellow ghosts try to help Ebenezer Scrooge understand the events that led to his miserly ways - and the future that awaits him if he doesn't change!

 They take Scrooge on a journey to explore his past, present and possible future Christmases, but their hope for helping him find love for celebrating Christmas and the people around him, depends on whether they can first convince him to love himself.

Reading of the play:  Please note change of dates:  TUESDAY 29 August;  AUDITIONS:  THURSDAY 31 August 2023

Production dates:  Sat 11, Mon 13 to Sat 18 November, 2023


As we speak, the adaptation is still underway.  These are the principal named speaking roles in the script at present:
- Ebenezer Scrooge* (50+, Male)
- Jacob Marley* (50+, Male)
- Ghost of Christmas Past (Any age or gender)
- Ghost of Christmas Future (Any age or gender)
- Bob Cratchit (30+, Male)
- Mrs Cratchit (30+, Female)
- Fred (20+, Male)
- Clara (20+ Female)
- Mr Fezziwig (50+, Male)
- Martha (20s, female)
- Peter (20s, male)
- Belinda (20s, female)
- Old Joe (50+, Male)
*Due to the size of these roles the actors playing Scrooge and Marley will not be playing any other role
There are also numerous brief roles with a line or two, or unnamed characters who appear in scenes that will be played by members of the ensemble. In addition to this we will be using shadow puppetry for scene setting and to portray several characters, and members of the ensemble will be involved in operating these shadow puppets when not on stage.