A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE by Arthur Miller. Director Jane Barth

04/02/20A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE by Arthur Miller.  Director Jane Barth

Set in the 1950s docklands in Brooklyn, New York, Miller gives us the deeply felt story of the Carbone family:  Eddie, his wife Beatrice and her orphaned niece, Catherine.  They are hard-working people, trying to make a reasonable life for themselves but also showing care for others:  two of Beatrice's cousins arrive, smuggled into America illegally from war-torn Italy.  

In Miller's direct, humane play, we learn about inappropriate love and that there will always be immigrants as a result of war and the destruction of homelands.

 An Auditorium production

Reading and Introduction:  Tuesday 4 February at 7.45 pm

Auditions: Thursday 6 February at 7.30 pmand, if needed, Monday 10 February at 7.30 pm

The Reading and the Auditions are open to non-members and members alike. For more information, please email info@chesterlittletheatre.co.uk


Eddie Carbone- broad, strong man, generous but lacking in security and self-knowledge, making him a complex characer.  Acting age: late 40s, 50s

Beatrice,  his wife       also a generous woman but she has her own quiet resentments and jealousies which eventually come out. Acting age: late 40s, 50s

Catherine,  B's niece    young, bright, optimistic – has been protected but now wants to go out into the world.  Acting age:  17/18

Alfieri, a local lawyer   speaks directly to the audience as narrator but is also in three scenes.  Acting age: 50s/60s

Rodolpho        Newly arrived from Italy illegally.  Optimistic. Has fair hair, unlike his brother.  Acting age 20s

Marco             Rodolpho’s older brother.  Quiet, serious.  Acting age: 30s.  

Louis, Mike, Tony– locals, friends of Eddie

Two immigration officers

Mr and Mrs Lipari– also have an apartment in the building.  Acting ages 40s/50s/60s

The characters will speak with a Brooklyn accent except for Rodolpho and Marco who have Italian accents.  We’ll work on these!

Set:  A tenement building . A clean, sparse apartment.  The street outside.  Alfieri’s office (or desk).  A public telephone.

Technical:  Lighting - to be used to express mood on stage.  It’s winter.  Street lighting plus indoor lighting – shows contrast with sunny Italy where the immigrants are from.   Sound – fog horns, river sounds.  Music of the period – "Paper Doll".