A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE by Arthur Miller. Director Jane Barth

19/10/21A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE by Arthur Miller.  Director Jane Barth

Dates of production:  Saturday 26 February, Monday 28 February, Tuesday 1 to Saturday 5 March 2022

Set in the 1950s docklands in Brooklyn, New York, Miller gives us the deeply felt story of the Carbone family:  Eddie, his wife Beatrice and her orphaned niece, Catherine.  They are hard-working people, trying to make a reasonable life for themselves but also showing care for others:  two of Beatrice's cousins arrive, smuggled into America illegally from war-torn Italy.  

In Miller's direct, humane play, we learn about inappropriate love and that there will always be immigrants as a result of war and the destruction of homelands.


This production was originally cast and scheduled for our 2020 season and we're pleased to say that most of those cast will be returning but we are now looking for one young man for the role of Rodolpho and two older men to play immigration officers.  We will use Tuesday 19 October to hold a part-reading and auditions with the cast for these roles.  It may be that we will need to have more auditions on Thursday 21 October so please hold this free if you'd like to be involved.

If you are interested or need more information, please contact the director Jane Barth at  jane.barth@talktalk.net


Part-reading and auditions:   Tuesday 19 October;  possible overflow: Thursday 21 October. (Please note:  this is a change of date from an earlier entry.)

A Liz Stafford Auditorium production