ARSENIC AND OLD LACE by Joseph Kesselring. Director Charlie Núñez

31/03/20ARSENIC AND OLD LACE by Joseph Kesselring.  Director Charlie Núñez

This well-known, popular comedy has been making audiences laugh for years.  Mortimer, a theatre critic, has two kind aunties, Abby and Martha.  Their special charm is to provide comfort for elderly gentlemen with their home-made elderberry wine - it always helps them on their way!  And then there's brother Teddy who believes he is Theodore Roosevelt (but nobody likes to tell him he isn't) who spends his days in the cellar digging locks for the Panama Canal - so useful!  Then there's brother Jonathan - but nobody likes to talk about him.  Poor Mortimer is kept so busy he cannot find time to propose to his true-love, Elaine.

Come along and find out about the rest of the family - you won't regret it!

An Auditorium production

READING AND INTRODUCTION:  Tuesday 31 March 2020 at 7.45 pm

AUDITIONS:  Thursday 2 at 7.30 pm and, if needed, Sunday 5 April at 12 midday

The Reading and the Auditions are open to non-members and members alike. For more information, please email 


CAST LIST - please note: the ages listed are stage ages

Abby Brewster – Female - 60s

Martha Brewster - Female - 60s

Mortimer Brewster – Male - 30s

Teddy Brewster – Male - late 30s-40s

Elaine Harper - Female - late 20s- 30s

Officer O’Hara - Male/ Female - 30s-40s

Jonathan Brewster - Male -30s-40s

Dr. Einstein-Male - 30s-50s

Dr. Reverend Harper – Male - 50s

Mr. Witherspoon - Male/Female - 40s-60s

Lieutenant Rooney - Male/Female – age undefined

Officer Brophy - Male/Female – age undefined

Officer Klein - Male/Female – age undefined

Mr. Gibbs - Male/Female - 40s-60s


Some of the roles can be doubled (suggested):


Reverend Harper with Mr. Witherspoon/Lieutenant Rooney

Mr. Gibbs with Officer O’Hara//Lieutenant Rooney/Mr. Witherspoon

Officer Brophy/Officer Klein with Officer O’Hara//Lieutenant Rooney