GREAT EXPECTATIONS - Charles Dickens' classic adapted by Jo Clifford. Directed by Geoff Whipp

08/10/19GREAT EXPECTATIONS - Charles Dickens' classic adapted by Jo Clifford.  Directed by Geoff Whipp

This adaptation of the great novel brings Dickens’ work to life in a beautifully simple and accessible way. 

When the penniless orphan Pip meets the convict Magwitch in a graveyard and is forced to help him escape, his life takes a series of unexpected turns. Invited to the house of the mysterious Miss Havisham, he falls in love with her adopted daughter, the beautiful, but cold hearted Estella, but when the generosity of an unknown benefactor takes him to London to become a gentleman, the truth behind his change of fortune, once revealed, is not what Pip expects . . . .

An Auditorium production

READING AND INTRODUCTION:  Tuesday 8 October at 7.45 pm

AUDITIONS:  Thursday 10 October at 7.30 pm.  If needed, Monday 14 October at 7.30 pm

The Reading and the Auditions are open to non-members and members alike. For more information, please email

CAST             The main characters:

Pip                   A young man, born into poverty, but clearly heading for much finer things.

Adult Pip          The same, reflecting on events from his past.

Miss Havisham  A highborn, sometimes eccentric lady, whose chance of future happiness was dashed on her wedding day.

Estella              Miss Havisham’s beautiful, yet cold hearted daughter.

Jaggers             A powerful London solicitor of great notoriety, acting on behalf of Miss Havisham & others.

Wemmick          A long suffering, hard working clerk to Jaggers.

Joe                   A hardworking blacksmith who holds Pip as both friend & apprentice. A man of quiet goodness.

Mrs Joe             His overbearing, abusive wife. Pip’s elder sister.

Magwitch          A fearful convicted criminal who is to be transported to Australia as punishment for his crimes.              

Biddy                A simple, kind hearted country girl, & childhood friend of Pip.

Herbert Pocket   A member of London’s idle rich who befriends Pip & instructs him on how a gentleman ought to behave.

Bentley Drummle An oafish and unpleasant young man. A bounder & heir to a vast fortune. Hopeful of taking Estella as his wife.

 There are quite a few more characters, which will be played by members of the cast. All of the people in the play however are typical Dickens’ characters - rich, colourful and very actable!

 Ages are, as usual, a moveable feast but Pip goes from quite young (whatever that is) to probably mid 20’s so a small teenager would be ideal. Adult Pip can be 30+. Estella, again, goes from young to adult Pip's age, but a lot of this can be costumed. It has been reliably estimated that Miss Havisham is around 40, but this is very often played by an older (or even sometimes younger) actress. 

As for the others, the clue is often in their description: if not, assume 40±. As I said, a moveable feast!

Geoff Whipp, Director