MURDER ON THE RERUN by Fred Carmichael - a comedy thriller. Directed by Mark Townend

14/09/21MURDER ON THE RERUN by Fred Carmichael - a comedy thriller.  Directed by Mark Townend
Murder on the Rerun
by Fred Carmichael
Reading: Tuesday 14 September 2021 at 7.30pm
Auditions: Thursday 16 September, from 7.30pm.
Performance runs Dec 4th, 6th till 11th.
This Comedy-Mystery is set in a 1980s American Ski Chalet and opens with a thump... as Jane falls down the stairs playing Sardines in the dark! As her friends gather in shock around her corpse, Jane stands up and cries out "Tripped, hell! I was pushed! I've been murdered!" Kitty is tasked with helping Jane discover who killed her, so that after clearing her last 75 demerits, will finally (after nearly 200 years) be able to pass through the pearly gates!
We are looking for actors that can perform American accents for the following parts:
HUGH, a handsome actor, middle aged male.
BETSY, Hollywood's girl-next-door, stunning, actress, mid 20s female.
VALERIE, A beautiful actress who is middle aged with "unknowable age" due to perfect make-up and more than one successful facelift, female.
EDWINA, A middle aged journalist/columnist only out for herself, similar to Valerie in appearance but with more "cracks'!
JUSTIN, A middle-aged movie director always trying to be the leader, male.
JANE, a 20-30's script writer with a more down to earth outlook than her friends, female, dead.
KITTY, happy, bright, cheerful and has fully earned (and enjoyed) her over 3000 demerits stopping her from entering Heaven! Guiding ghost and story narrator.
We are also looking for other members of the Company:
Wardrobe, Stage Management, Lighting Designer, Sound Designer Props, Set builders, Set dressers, Prompt and other back stage roles such as hair, makeup and technical if people are interested.
Please email the Director, Mark Townend to register your interest or for more information -