MURDER ON THE RERUN by Fred Carmichael - a comedy thriller. Directed by Mark Townend


A chalet in a ski resort;  it’s evening, the snow’s coming down fast.  In the dark chalet, a group of friends are playing Sardines.  There is a scream, the lights are switched on and Jane is found dead at the bottom of the stairs.   As her four friends and her husband lament her fall and try to understand how it happened, “Jane” suddenly stands up and accuses the group of murder!

The play takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to Hollywood stereotypes, particularly the murder-mystery genre, and is set in a 1980’s ski-chalet;  the group having been snowed-in creates the “locked-room” murder mystery setting.

Dates of Production:  Saturday 4 December, Monday 6 to Saturday 11 December at 7.30 pm

 Cast: 2m, 5f (All American, requiring appropriate accent)

Hugh Lawton - M, middle-aged; handsome and debonair with a strain of weakness

Betsy Randolph - F, youngest and prettiest female of the group

Valerie Vickers - F, indeterminate age due to perfect face-lifts and make-up.

Edwina Dunbar - F, middle-aged and showing it.

Justin Wills - M, middle-aged; always tries to be the leader.

Jane Ackerly - F, pretty and in 30s.

Kitty - F, a ghost, any age.


Reading:  Tuesday 14 September;  Auditions:  Thursday 16 September at 7.30 pm

Newcomers always welcome!  Come along to the reading and find out more.

Production in the Liz Stafford Auditorium