Road by Jim Cartwright, directed by Dani Zebrowska

12/10/23Road by Jim Cartwright, directed by Dani Zebrowska


This is an un-named road, in a working-class area of Lancashire.  Margaret Thatcher is in No. 10 and it’s a time of high unemployment in the North of England. But the people are getting ready to go out and enjoy themselves – and we follow them as they go to the club, the pub, visiting friends, and learn about their lives and relationships:  sometimes desperate, often funny:   a passionate, poetic and positive portrayal of working class life in the eighties.

First produced in 1986 at the Royal Court Theatre, Cartwright’s first play met with widespread acclaim.  It also attracted many young actors who have since become well known, such as Jane Horrocks, David Thewlis and Lesley Sharp.  The play has won numerous awards including the George Devine Award, Plays and Players Award and the Samuel Beckett Award.

Please note:  Rec. age 16+.  Contains strong language and scenes of an adult nature


Full list of characters to follow.  There will be doubling up

Reading of the play:  Tuesday 10 October;  Auditions Thursday 12 October

Dates of Production:  Sat 13, Mon 15 to Sat 20 January, 2024

Minimum casting requirements:

Scullery, male, any age

Brian, male, 40+

Jerry, male, 50+

Eddie, male 20+

Brink, male 20+

Chanal, female, 20+

Louise, female, 20 +

Carol, female, 20+

Lane, female 40+

Dor, female , 40 +

Please note:  all actors will be required to double roles, with the exception of the actor playing Scullery.  If you have a particular role within the play that you are drawn to, please let the director know!