Seven Trunks by K.C.Finn


A haunting psychological mystery written and directed by K.C. Finn 

 A full length play with interval to be shown in The Salisbury Studio

 In the depths of Sweden's ancient Siljan Ring, Bee and Ing embark on a journey of scientific exploration, seeking solace from the constraints of their patriarchal society. But their quest takes a surreal turn when they encounter Homo Aquatis, mysterious creatures from the depths of prehistory. As the truth unfolds through the contents of the seven trunks discovered at the scene of their disappearance, the audience is drawn into a haunting mystery of discovery, identity, and the enduring bond between two courageous women defying the norms of their time.


Reading: Tuesday 26 November at 7.30 pm

Auditions:  Thursday 28 November at 7.30 pm

Casting Information:

 The play is a two-hander with some pre-recorded video cutscenes and some non-verbal physical theatre parts available.

 BEATA: female-presenting performer, playing age range 20-40

INGA: female-presenting performer, playing age range 20-40

 3 non-speaking roles are available for the 'creatures', who are present at various points in the story. These roles will be combined with some stagehand/stage-management elements and present an interesting theatrical challenge in movement and non-verbal communication. These roles can be any age or gender and will require performers to be in full body costuming and make-up throughout the show.

 For the video pre-record, I will be seeking 3 male-presenting actors of any age to spend 1 or 2 daytimes at the theatre recording.