Sheila's Island by Tim Firth Directed by Margaret Bennett

15/12/22Sheila's Island by Tim Firth  Directed by Margaret Bennett

Bonfire night 2019, Sheila, Denise, Julie, and Fay are Team C in Pennine Mineral Water Ltd.'s annual outward-bound team-building weekend.  (Though these ladies all work for the same company and ‘sort of know’ each other, they do not work together.)  By using her cryptic crossword solving skills, team leader Shelia, has somehow managed to strand her team on an island in the Lake District!

Realising they are not going to make it to the cosy hotel finish line, the team have to challenge themselves to find ways to:  build an adequate night shelter with a prom dress and a sleeveless jumper; manufacture weapons from cable ties and spatulas and create a rescue flag from a toasting fork and a plastic plate! 

Questions are asked; truths are told; dirty washing is aired. What is Julie's husband really up to in Aldi? And why are they on this bloody team-building exercise when they could be at a spa?

Tim Firth has kindly allowed CLT to be the first amateur group to present Shelia’s Island.


Characters:  four ladies; two of whom should be of either peri-menopausal or menopausal ages.  

Reading:  Wednesday 14thDecember  2022

Auditions:  Thursday 15thDecember 2022

Rehearsals:  23rdJanuary 2023 – 9thMarch 2023 

Production dates:  Sat 11, Mon 13 to Sat 18  March 2023  


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