Whisky Galore by Compton Mackenzie, adapted by Philip Goulding. Directed by Lexie Fox-Hutchings

06/04/23Whisky Galore by Compton Mackenzie, adapted by Philip Goulding.  Directed by Lexie Fox-Hutchings

It's 1955 and the Pallas Players, an all-female theatre company, are putting on Compton Mackenzie's Whisky Galore.


They transport us back to 1943:  it's war time on the Scottish islands of Great and Little Todday.  The whisky supply has dried up, leaving tensions running high. Then, relief!   A ship carrying 50,000 bottles of whisky is wrecked just offshore. Then it's every thirsty man for himself as the islanders determine to rescue as many bottles as possible before stuffy Captain Waggett of the Home Guard can stop them.


Philip Goulding's stage adaptation of this comedy classic is a tribute to the feisty all-female touring theatre companies of the post-war years. First performed in a touring production, Whisky Galore combines rollicking physical theatre, panto and farce, with an array of hilarious characters.


The roles of the Pallas Players and the characters they'd be expected to play are as below. All roles will require a Scottish accent at some point, although don't be put off if you're not confident with your accent as there are roles that require a minimal amount of Scottish accent. 

FLORA BELLERBY plays Monty, the author, and narrator of the play, The Biffer, Father Macalister,  and Constable Macrae. 
CONNIE CALVERT plays Fred Odd, Major Quiblick, Annag No.3, and Captain Headley-Faversham.
WIN HEWITT plays Donald MacKechnie, Doctor Maclaren, Mrs. Campbell, Annag No.2, Tom Ferguson, and Paddy No.3.
DORIS SANDERSON plays Joseph Macroon, Catriona Macleod, Roderick MacRurie, and Paddy No.2.
AILEEN McCORMACK plays Drooby, Peggy Macroon, George Campbell, Paddy No.1, and Lieutenant Boggust/Mr. Brown.
BEA CORNFORD plays Paul Waggett, Annag No.1, and Robbie Baird.
JULIET MAINWARING plays Dolly Waggett, Norman Macleod, Duncan Macroon, and Annag No,4. 


Reading:  Tuesday 4 April 2023 at 7.30 pm

Auditions:  Thursday 6 April at 7.30 pm

Production dates:  Sat 1, Mon 3 to Sat 8 July 2023 at 7.30 pm

For more information, please contact Lexie at info@chesterlittletheatre.co.uk