Reading and Auditions for "The Beds"

07/02/19Reading and Auditions for "The Beds"

Two one-act plays with eeries parallels featuring a closed room with a bed.  Both directed by Ed Green.

These two plays offer an outstanding challenge of acting for 4 actors who want to explore their abilities.

“Effie’s Burning” by Valerie Windsor (2F)

Effie, who has lived in mental institutions since the age of thirteen, has been admitted to hospital with severe burns. Treating her is Dr Kovacs, who finds Effie's extraordinary story of injustice as an abused child the key to her own suppressed anger and power. Taut and powerful, tender and funny,' Effie's Burning' is an emotional switchback of a play, with a searing anger at its heart. A Female 2 hander – acting ages Effie 55 to 70 years old, Kovacs 30 to 40 years old. This play examines the misogyny faced by Kovacs, a child refugee from a disputed European state, who is trying to cope with the “glass ceiling” in the medical profession and Effie’s struggle to cope with continued rejection by at first family and then by institutions meant to protect her. Both women find dynamic solutions to their angst.


“A Still Life” by K C Finn (1F 1M)

 Kim is a Chester Little Theatre writer. This short play is an exploration of a strange intergenerational relationship between an older woman & a younger man, apparently mentally challenged. It all takes place in one small room: the young man’s childlike bedroom. It has a very dark twist.  The relationship is far from what it seems. The two protagonists are not what they seem either. A very interesting 2 hander for a woman and young man. Acting ages: Female 40+, man 18-25.

 Readings on Tuesday February 12th at 7.45 pm for 8.00 pm

 Auditions Thursday 14th February at 7.30pm

 Production (in Salisbury Studio) Monday 3rd June to Wednesday 5th June 2019 inclusive

 Scripts available from Ed Green (