The Salisbury Studio - ever thought of using it?

13/03/22The Salisbury Studio - ever thought of using it?

You may have recently seen a Studio production.  Glut! by Jan Bengree, a local writer, was the latest production in the Studio – playing to four full houses! (see photos here)


So, what about you?  The Salisbury Studio is multi-purpose:  it's not just a smaller version of the auditorium upstairs.  It provides the opportunity to mount more experimental plays attracting smaller audiences, or gives new writers the chance to see their work brought to life on stage. It also provides a great venue for new directors or new technicians to learn their craft.  


The Studio is ideal for plays which require a simple setting.  Complicated sets are out!  Just some props, costume, possibly some furniture and a screen or two are all that's required.  Finally, lighting and sound help to create the desired atmosphere.  The audience can then appreciate the acting, directing and technical skills.


We have three slots a year for our Studio productions and Chester Little Theatre is looking for members keen to have a go.  If you have something you'd like to propose – either by a known playwright, or your own play, or maybe you'd like to try directing – do send ideas to or speak to Margaret Bennett, Jane Barth, or a member of the Trustees' Committee or the Directors' Committee.  We'd love to hear from you!