Youth Theatre recycle a medieval morality play

02/12/18Youth Theatre recycle a medieval morality play

'Everyman Recycled'

6th & 7th December, 2018
at Chester Little Theatre


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Chester Little Theatre Youth Theatre
 are presenting their original version of the Medieval Morality play ‘Everyman’ this week at the Little Theatre. 

In this updated version entitled ‘Everyman Recycled’ the timeless tale is set in the contemporary context of environmental issues. 

Mr & Mrs Everyman have been living rather recklessly for too many years. The oceans are awash with plastics, the bees have vanished and fracking is on the ‘up’. But Mother Earth has had enough and demands a final reckoning ‘without delay’. The hapless family is sent on a journey to prove that they have tried to be ‘green’ but who will go with them? 

The young company have used humour as well as rhyming couplets to reflect the original style of the Medieval Morality play while at the same time encouraging their audience to consider the small practical measures that we can all undertake to make our lives ‘greener’.

Performances can be seen at:

Salisbury Studio, Chester Little Theatre at 7.30pm on 6th and 7th December, 2018; tickets available via TicketSource.