Getting ready for re-opening!

20/07/21Getting ready for re-opening!

What do theatre set builders do when a theatre is dark?  Well, Chester Little Theatre’s set builders, Keith Long, John McGinn and Malcolm Gledhill have not been sitting around during lockdown.   When some plaster fell off the ceiling over the main staircase there was the option to make do and mend, or replace the entire ceiling. They chose the latter option and set about erecting a scaffolding platform to remove plaster which had been there ever since 1840 when the building was built.  

 The process left them looking like miners coming off shift as they discovered the effect from years of coal fires in surrounding Newtown and smoke from the nearby railway: underneath the paint, the plaster was black, blackBLACK!

 They removed 25 bags of rubble from the Theatre.  Having strengthened and re-plastered the ceiling, it was then painted and the scaffolding removed.  

 Now – as you can see – Chester Little Theatre is looking sparkling clean and ready to welcome back audiences to see their opening play, Sue Townsend’s funny but thought-provoking play, Bazaar and Rummage, directed by Margaret Bennett.